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Self Care is at the Center of My Practice



We all need to take good care of ourselves.  But many of us have so little time.  We are burdened by responsibility, work, activities, social media.  We are bombarded by many things that often do not serve us well.  Quiet time to ourselves has become more rare than ever.  When we do have a moment or a day to nurture ourselves, how many of us make excuses as to why we can't slow down and really take that much needed break away?  


It is so important when we face the hectic day to day tasks that we are in a place of calmness, of self awareness, creativity, and clarity. Because this Life is a gift, and we all too often miss the precious moments we are given because we are so stressed and stretched so thin in every waking moment,we forget to notice the magic in the here and now.  


And Pain.  We often ignore the signals until we are in pain and we have to deal with it NOW.  Why wait to address those issues until we are hurting, irritable, and worn out?


What is the most important thing you can do for yourself? It’s very simple:  Take Care of Yourself.  


When we “treat” ourselves to good, healthy choices, we are reprogramming ourselves. With Massage Therapy, you can make the choice to embrace a healthy change. When we give ourselves the gift of massage, we experience detoxification, pain releif, and feelings of peace and comfort. Massage can speed up the process of healing and give you the added boost you need to stay focused on what's important in your life.


At Gift of Health Massage, I am committed to increasing your vitality through regular massage therapy. 


Studies have shown that through massage, recipients experience decreased pain, better sleep, improved mood, and increased stamina for sports and other strenuous activities.  Massage is not a replacement for Medical Care from your Primary Care Doctor, your Chiropractor, or any other Health Care Professional you are currently working with.  Let me show you how Massage can compliment your current plan for your health.  Taking care of yourself has never been more important. 


Here are some links to research in massage, touch and how it can improve health and brain function.


Click here for research from the Touch Research Institute


Click here for research on how massage increases oxytocin


Prevent unwanted injuries and correct the imbalances your body has been nagging you to tend to. Nourish. Relax, Replenish.  Discover the benifits of massage for yourself.